Training on Your Schedule

Stay Current with Safety Requirements

Safety training and conferences can be time-consuming and expensive, and can end up falling through the cracks as a result. Global Safety Academy can help you and your employees get the training and resources they need without the hassle.

How It Works

Traditional brick-and-mortar safety conferences are important resources, but not every safety director has the time and money to attend them.

GSA is a continual virtual safety conference featuring the best global speakers from VPPPA, NSC, and IOSH in 60-75 minute sessions.

Find Out More

Each on-demand online session will have audience evaluation scores and earn the viewer valid CEU credits.

Instructional Content

Courses, Live Events, & Workshops

GSA contains an extensive course library of audience-evaluated 60-75 minute sessions on multiple safety topics. Live events and deeper dive workshops are also periodically available.

Speakers & Experts

Qualified Instructors on All Topics

An unlimited number of the best international speakers from VPPPA,  NSC, IOSH, and other organizations are represented in GSA’s instructional material. Topics and speakers can be implemented instantly and do not require a year in advance.

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