How It Works

Global Safety Academy puts control of your company’s safety training schedule firmly in your own hands. Affordable subscription plans offer 24/7 access to many of the world’s top experts in multiple safety topics.

The Problem

Why does the safety profession need Global Safety Academy?

Traditional brick and mortar conferences are time-consuming, and travel is expensive. Many safety professionals are simply too busy to attend a conference, while others lack financial support from their employers. And for every 1 person who attends a conference from a company, there are at least 5 more left behind who would benefit from the content.

Estimates are that there are more than 1 million professionals who lead safety, and yet barely 50,000 of them globally can reach a conference. There is a tremendous need for subject matter expertise for this forgotten community.

The Solution

The Global Safety Academy brings all the best speakers from the top safety organizations together on one platform, for an annual subscription fee that is less than a plane ticket. Now there is a conference for the entire global safety community.

Safety pros can earn CEU’s on-demand. And they can finally afford to bring their rising safety leaders to a virtual conference for less than the cost of a plane ticket.

Accredited Content

Each GSA session will earn Continuing Education Units. Audience evaluation scores posted for each course will help viewers decide which to participate in.

Intro to Safety

Sample Course

Join [speaker name] here in a brief introduction to overall safety in the workplace. No materials necessary, just watch and learn. If you like the content, take a look at the sign-up page and see if a subscription to GSA is right for you and your company.

Toolbox Talks

Toolbox Talks is a subscription-based app featuring compelling 5-10 minute safety videos that can be delivered to front-line workers via their supervisors. This video content will include cautionary stories of injured workers, as well as the subject matter experts who present relevant safety material. 

Supervisors or safety managers can send a daily safety toolbox talk link to their employees in the form of a text message. They will review the video and answer 2 to 4 questions, optionally earning a chance at prizes offered in a drawing.

Metrics will be provided showing the number of workers who logged in and completed the daily safety content every day, week, or month.

Want to Contribute a Toolbox Talk Video?

If you’re a safety pro, you can upload your best safety training clips and ideas and be compensated for doing so, similar to Youtube.