Only the best and most knowledgeable speakers and experts are featured on GSA’s platform. Maybe you’re one of them!

Experts on All Levels

The best experts and conference speakers from the top safety associations around the world, and more are featured in GSA’s ongoing virtual conference.

Currently a conference can receive over 700 submissions to present, but due to the limitations of a physical conference they can only pick 150.  GSA can have unlimited numbers of speakers.

Relevant Topics

Content is available on most any topic needed, from general workplace and home safety to industrial construction and road safety.

Topics and speakers can be implemented instantly and do not require excess advance.

Expert Compensation

Revenue from GSA is shared with the experts and any sponsoring affiliate organizations.

Interested in becoming a Global Safety Academy Expert?

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If you’re a safety pro, you can upload your best safety training clips and ideas and be compensated for doing so, similar to Youtube.